Bodoni Library

Website designed to encourage awareness
of the products of the printer Giambattista Bodoni (1740-1813)
and, futhermore, to increase knowledge of the history
of the book in the hand-press period. It consists of:
  • DIGITAL LIBRARY which is accessible free of charge and in which readers can browse and examine virtually Bodoni’s editions, together with typobibliographical and historical information about them.
  • A series of MONOGRAPHS in the form of electronic books dealing with (a) various aspects of the history and products of the great printer Bodoni, who was originally from Piedmont but who worked in Parma, and (b) the history of the book and of reading.
  • A collection of LETTERS from Bodoni and many of his correspondents. These letters are concerned with his life and his work as a printer and publisher. The collection includes additional documents which shed light on Bodoni.
  • NEWS and information about Bodoni in the form of a blog which is accessible without charge.